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Views of Ireland

Beara Peninsula artist and photographer inspired by The Wild Atlantic Way sea and landscapes

Wild Atlantic Way photographer

ever changing light, crashing waves, Beara Peninsula. I live here out of choice, soaking up the colours so they live in my thoughts. I never get the same light or cloud formations twice, it is always changing, creating wonderful patterns on the Caha Mountains. I take people on guided walks to show them where I get my inspiration from. Where do I get my ideas from to make this painting, that painting, so I show them and they want to live here. Images to capture, absorb the scenery, make prints that go all over the World. Scenes to paint, old ruins, mountainscapes, water tumbling down hillsides, Beara breathes, filters through my veins. I go away, take people on tours of lighthouses, knowing I have this beautiful peninsula to return to afterwards. I love Beara, she has my soul


John Eagle Art

Registered Irish artist

An Eagle's View of Irish Lighthouses
'Ireland's Lighthouses ~ A Photo Essay by John Eagle' 'An Eagle's View of Irish Lighthouses'

....'Eagle's photography is so precise you can almost hear the pounding surf' Jennifer Henderson, Picture Postcard Collector magazine

Irish Lighthouse Tours Skellig Michael
Irish Lighthouse Tours Lighthouse Slide Shows

Each year I conduct tours round the Irish coast visiting the lighthouses up close and personal, like the Fastnet above left and Skellig Michael on the Southern Lighthouse Tour. We stay in lighthouses for part of the time, go on visits inside them and take boat trips to view the offshore ones like Fastnet, Inisheer, Little Samphire Island , Bull Rock, Eagle Island. If I can't get you in them I can get you up close to them. I have been running these tours since 2009 and have collected lots of comments. Watch a video I shot from the tour boat visiting the Fastnet

your enjoyment is my pleasure ..John Eagle

Author of 2 lighthouse books I have spent over 20 years flying around Ireland's coastline taking pictures of lighthouses and local scenery including construction sites for the maritime industry. I often give slide shows of my work at which I sign copies of my Collins Press book which was printed in 2010, reprinted 2013. I also conduct workshops to show how to compose better pictures



Views of Ireland

stormy, idyllic, romantic

Lighthouse Tour

Lighthouse tours of Ireland, visit lighthouses like the Hook (above) and many more like Loop Head, Galley Head, Cromwell Point, The Baily, Little Samphire Island, see how they work, meet people who look after them. Get up close and personal as we go to see these wonderful sentinels on my Irish Extreme Lighthouse Tours

Bere Island boat trip

Take to the water for high speed boat trips and workshops

I was the first person to make a postcard of every lighthouse on the Irish coastline like the mega selling 3A Fastnet card (centre below)

Galley Head Rockabill Lighthouse Fastnet Ardnakinna ILV Granuaile

If you are collecting my Irish Lighthouse Series postcard set, or would like to purchase some of my lighthouse postcards then this is the place where you will find them

Lighthouse Tours

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