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Thread the Eye of the Needle

Route of boat trip

Route of the boat (please note sometimes we go the opposite way round just  for fun)

Not easy to thread the eye of a needle, and it's not easy to do this boat trip as the weather conditions have to be good. Summer storms,

usually one in the first week of August which takes everyone by surprise, nearly always a storm on the June Bank Holiday weekend. Too much

surf, tidal surge, and we cannot do it, meaning only a lucky few get to make this trip

Pass through the Bull Rock tunnel and pass through into the other world. The famous tunnel is steeped in Irish legend. Who built it? And why? 5 miles off the coast of the Beara Peninsula this awesome tunnel awaits you. Passing through is one of the most exciting things you can do, hearing the echo, and the crashing waves ahead. And there are the sea birds, thousands of them and a lighthouse high above

Our first lighthouse on the tour is Ardnakinna, then we go to the Bull Rock, through the arch, and on to the Calf Rock. After that we head for Sheep's Head at the head of the Dunmanus Peninsula before coming up close and personal with Roancarrig. Then its up through Berehaven passing movie director Neil Jordan's house on the way to Castletownbere

If this boat trip interests you and you would like to come on it with me then please would you Contact me . Trying to make definite dates for trips is nigh impossible due to so frequent storms in South West Ireland. However if you would like to come with me on this trip please tell me and give me some way of contacting you. I can text you or send you an email. I usually won't know if I am going until about three days before. I won't go unless it is safe to do so. I keep in contact with a licensed pilot, whose boat is insured. If it is not safe by him, then we don't go. Neither of us are prepared to take risks. However if caves interest you, then maybe you'd be interested in the Bere Island Caves Boat Trip which runs more often as it isn't so far out to sea. Details lower down the page

Bull Rock

4 people €100 pp, 5 people €80 pp, 6 people €60 pp, 7 people €55 pp, 8 people €50 pp

The high speed boat trip lasts about three hours. You will see the coast of Beara, Garranes Bhuddist Retreat, Blackball Head Signal Tower, Ardnakinna Lighthouse, Roancarrig Lighthouse, Bull Rock lighthouse, the ruin of the Calf Rock lighthouse, the wreck of the Bardini Reefer, Neil Jordan's house at Waterfall and lots more

Standby: If you would like to give us your mobile number we can text you when a spare seat comes up

Text to 087 9693745

Watch video of us going through the Bull Rock Arch

Coming up to the Bull Rock Bull Rock
Approaching the Bull Rock The Bull Rock
Calf Rock Cow
The ruin of the Calf Rock The amazing Cow Rock
Roancarrig Ardnakinna
Roancarrig showing the new led light Ardnakinna, Bere Island
Bere Island Caves Boat Trip
Bere Island cave

See caves, two lighthouses and the home of Neil Jordan the film director

There are several caves on the Bantry Bay side of Bere Island and if calm enough we will go into them to check out wildlife

Watch the video going through the caves

The boat trip lasts about two hours, the cost is €60 pp minimum 2 people (€120) (Group rates available on request)

Bere Island cave Bere Island boat trip
One of the caves At full speed racing across the waves
Roancarrig Roancarrig
Roancarrig lighthouse up close and personal. The metal structure to the left of the traditional tower is the new LED
Approaching Ardnakinna Bardini Reefer
Approaching Ardnakinna lighthouse The wreck of the Bardini Reefer up close and personal in Berehaven
If you would like to come on these boat trips then in the first instance please contact me to let me know you would like to come
An Eagle's View of Irish Lighthouses Ireland's Lighthouses A Photo Essay
An Eagle's View of Irish Lighthouses Ireland's Lighthouses ~ A Photo Essay by John Eagle

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