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The Beara Gallery
Irish Art
Water Flow

Irish oil paintings of Beara landscapes by John Eagle

Forest paintings and other work

The Crossing

'The Crossing #3'

oil on canvas

The little people are hurring across the divide passing Lions Gate Falls on their way to the pub see image below which is on the right hand side of the canvas

The Crossind detail


Cave Entrance 4

'The Cave Entrance' #4

8x32 inches

Supposedly tucked up in their beds the little people stare in wonder at the moonlight flooding into their cave


Autumn Light


Autumn Light

20x24 inches

Being drawn out of the forest darkness by the magical colours of Autumn


Light at the end of the tunnel

'Light at the End of the Tunnel' v.3

20x16 inches oil on canvas

This is a re-working of the oil paintings below

I wasn't happy with the light on the left, or the rock at top of hillside as they took away from the end of the tunnel theme

also the light itself was too vibrant. I took the pic below with my Iphone, whereas the one above was with my Canon and it much more natural

Light at the end of the tunnel oil painting

 'Light at the end of the Tunnel'

20x16 inches oil on canvas

This is a re-working of the oil painting below

Light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Leaving the forest way behind, coming out into the open and seeing light for the first time in ages




The Cave Entrance

'The Cave Entrance'

12x36 inches

Deep inside the forest moonlight pours into the cave, where most of the little people are soundly asleep except for a handful who watch in awe at the spectacle


Forest Song

'Forest Song'

24x35 inches


Deep in the Beara forest you hear the sounds of falling water and the faint chatter of the little people



John Eagle

'Forest Colours'

16x20 inches

Viewing the changing colours, listening to the roar of the cascade


Cave Lights

'Cave Lights'

16x20 inches

On a ledge inside the cave the little people would gaze at the leaves catching the bright moonlight

The Crossing

'The Crossing'

12x24 inches

The branch had fallen across during a storm. We'd run across, more frightened of the roar of the water than the drop to the chasm bottom way below



12x32 inches

Moonlight in the forest depths. Our house is on the end of the branch, look closely you can see smoke rising from its chimney. On display at Cleo the Helen Joyce Gallery in Kenmare, Co. Kerry

Forest Dawn

Forest Dawn

12x24 inches

Early morning in the forest, being slightly frightened by the sudden explosion of dawn sunlight

painted November 2008

Chief Dwarf

'Visiting the Chief Dwarf'

12x16 inches

The great old man lived on the edge of the chasm, on the far side of a creaky fallen log. As long as you didn't pay heed to the cascading water or the drop to the bottomless pit way below, you got across ok

painted June 2009


The Waterfall or Cascade

The secret bathing place, deep inside the forest where no outsiders ever went. The water was always so fresh and nice to swim in

The Crossing

The Crossing #2

painted over August 2010, this oil is no more

After the Storm

'After the Storm'

After a night of heavy rain, rattling branches and strange sounds, there was an eerie calm in the forest

If you would like to see where I have got my inspiration from for the above oils then please click here

Safe from the storm

'Safe from the Storm'

24x20 inches

The wind was rising, soon the the thunder and lightning would fire off eachother, but our house was safe in the mountains of Beara

John Eagle


'A Day in the Mountains' Sold

24x20 inches

Sometimes, after a storm, we would stand and listen to the roar of the river in flood

John Eagle Art

Morning Mist



16x16 inches

painted February 2011



20x12 inches

painted February 2011



John Eagle Art

'The Night Train'



The old viaduct near Glenbeigh on the railway to Cahirciveen, Kerry

detail from the above oil John Eagle Art

John Eagle Art

'Beara Mist'

30x20 inches



John Eagle Art

'Gathering Storm'

35.5x12 inches

Sky's turning wild, a swell is rising, time to row home in haste

Hanging in The Old Market House Arts Centre in Dungarvan

These are paintings I have done for friends


The Glasshouse Mountains of Queensland

I was taken by these mountains when I visited them in November 2012

John Eagle

Beara Lake


John Eagle

Beara Sunset


John Eagle Art

Ice Trucker

painted March 2011









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