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In September 2008 I went to Lanzarote, my first holiday outside Britain and Ireland since my trip to Hawaii in 1984. I suppose I feel drawn to places with volcanoes. Cameras used Canon EOS 3, & Canon A 85

Mirador del Rio

Mirador del Rio looking out on La Graciosa

Mirado del Rio Here I am attempting to show the incredible height the viewing platform is from the shoreline way below, 480 meters.
Mirador del Rio Looking south along the west coast, an area I would like to explore if ever I went back
Costa Teguise These next series of pictures I took during a walk to the west of Costa Teguise. For about 4 hours I was totally alone in a desert area, where when the wind was sheilded, the sun was powerfully hot. This picture is looking north past a cairn
Costa Teguise An interesting circle as I headed for the mountain in the distance, where the picture above was taken from
Costa Teguise Maybe made by children having fun, or teenagers larking around, who knows? They made for interesting subjects to photographs on my day of escape from the hoardes of the resort
Cost Teguise I wanted to climb the mountain you see here, but the wind was too strong. I love the shades of brown here
Flowers in the desert Off the beaten track I found this beautiful plant growing
all pictures © John Eagle Photography
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