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Irish Islands


Smouldering off the Mayo coast, lies Dubh Oileán More (Duvillaun, The Big Black Island) Quartzite rock cast in an ancient Irish forge, hissing as it steamed, cooled in the cold dark waters of the north Atlantic Ocean during the eons of time, it lurks in the sweeping County Mayo mists between Achill and Belmullet

I have two versions, the one above I shot with my 85mm prime lens.

iamge code JEP 487D

The one below I shot with my 200mm prime lens in 4 sections and then my pro lab put them together


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Bere Island

Bere Island in Bantry Bay, Co. Cork

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Inis Ge Theas Inishkea
Inis Gé Theas (Inishkea South) lies to the west of the Belmullet Peninsula in County Mayo, once a thriving community until a savage storm on the night of October 27th 1927 saw the deaths of ten young male islanders. Iisland was abandoned in 1935
Inisfernard Inisfernard
Inisfernard, Coulagh Bay, Co. Cork
Skellig Michael Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael steeped in Irish mythology, where monks lived in beehive huts

Eagle Island Eagle Island
Eagle Island 2013 Eagle Island as it used to be
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Bere Island

Bere Island from Hungry Hill in Winter

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Bere Island

Bere Island, Beara, Co. Cork from Miskish

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Inishtearaght Inishtearaght
Inishtearaght, Blasket Islands, Kerry. Prints available
Inishtearaght The Sleeping Giat
Inishtearaght Inishtooskert
Blackrock Broadhaven Stags

Looking over Duvillaun Beag towards An Túr (Blackrock) in the distance

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Broadhaven Stags

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Clare Island lighthouse Clare Island
Clare Island, home of the Pirate Queen
John Eagle Photo View from mainland
Dursey Island, Beara Peninsula


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