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As a photographer my work can be seen in lots of different publications other than the postcards and book I have produced. There are numerous books on sale with my pictures in, a postage stamp, two 12 month picture calendars, several one sheet calendars produced by garages and other local businesses, newspapers, handouts and business cards. I thought it would be fun to show you some of the places my work appears in

  My collie Quisha on the cover  

Gerdie Harrington's book on Beara featuring my collie Quisha on the cover

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In 1997 one of my photographs appeared on an Irish postage stamp, my shot of Tarbert. I was thrilled and decided to go up to Tarbert post office on the day of issue to sign first covers. I still have postcards and stamps from that day
Lighthouse postage stamps My pic on a postage stamp Postage stamp
The First Day Cover, my stamp second from left Special postcard issued by An Post The stamp on the back of one of my own postcards of Tarbert, franked day of issue
  right way round  
  On the Shannon Estuary Ports Christmas card, this time printed the correct way round  
Beam German mag Leading Lights
Prestige. Another proud moment for me, being on the cover of the official magazine issued by the Commissioners of Irish Lights in 2004 The German lighthouse magazine edited by Klaus Kern. If you would like to subscribe to this or Beam please contact me

No longer in print alas. Peter Williams, the owner has always been good to me and published my first book 'An Eagle's View of Irish Lighthouses' Note: Pic above is not one of mine

Lighthouse Digest Sea Breezes Postcard Collector
My pictures have appeared in this magazine several times, the editor having given me a lot of support over the years (not my picture on the cover) My picture of Beeves Rock on the cover of this excellant magazine which has given me lots of publicity Postcard Collector regularly featured me, lots of coverage by Jennifer Henderson
PPM History Sharma's book
The British postcard magazine. I am most grateful to Brian Lund for his kindness over the years in featuring me No lighthouses in this book, but you will find other pictures by me in it Sharma Krauskopf book on Irish Lighthouses featuring 20 of my photographs. The cover is by my friend Peter Zoeller
An Eagle's View of Irish Lighthouse Ireland's Lighthouses LH Trail
'An Eagle's View of Irish Lighthouses' my first book published in 1999 Ireland's Lighthouses ~ A Photo Essay my second book, published by Collins in 2010 it was reprinted in May 2013 A publication by The South West Regional Authority featuring several of my pictures, Cover is one of mine of Cromwell Point
Book Book Go Ireland
Lighthouses Around the World featured a double spread of my aerial of the Baily Lighthouse near Dublin Here is my work on the cover of a holiday brochure, one of two covers I have done for Go Ireland. The view is looking across Coulagh Bay to Eyeries
Beara Oil Regan's Bord Gais
The Beara Oil calendar for 2008 shows my shot of Hungry Hill in Adrigole. They have regularly featured my work O'Regan's Garage has given me fabulous support with my pictures Not my photograph on the cover but the ones of Fastnet and Ardnakinna inside are mine
As well as the above my work has also regularly featured in newspapers like the Irish Times, Examiner, Southern Star, in brochures like Hoseasons, The Irish Landmark Trust. Thank you all for supporting me and I hope you all don't mind this page of self indulgence
© John Eagle Photography

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