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Irish Lighthouses and other tours of Ireland

Not just lighthouses, we also see horse races, ring forts, standing stones, ancient castles, birds, wild flowers. Stay at lighthouses and superb B&Bs. Leave the beaten track to see things few outsiders ever get to see. Author, photographer and award winning artist John Eagle coupled with bus driver Tommy Hartnett make a great team. Each tour group is kept small, so we all get to know eachother. You will be picked up and dropped where it suits you best, and in between we hope you will have a grand time here in Ireland.

Fastnet lighthouse Blacksod
Southern Irish Lighthouse Tour

5 day Photography West Coast Tour

West coast tour in late August, starting in County Clare, taking in Inishmore in the Aran Islands, Connemara, Mayo lights, Sligo and Donegal finishing at Fanad.

We go to Doolin and take the ferry to Inishmore for a look at the old lighthouse and tour the island. Then ferry to Rossaveal and spend the night there. 2nd day tour Connemara and Mayo spending the night in Westport. 3rd day go to Achill Island for look round at Ireland's biggest island, ending the day at Blacksod. Day 4 go to Killybegs via Sligo and Donegal town. Day 5 go west to Glencomcille and then up the west coast, and along the northern coast to Fanad, stopping at Glen Head to see Tory Island, and visiting Fanad Head lighthouse and spending the last night on the shores of Lough Swilly

Total cost €750 pp includes bus, driver, photography tution, John Eagle, ferries and B&Bs

If this interests you, then please contact me

Southern Irish Extreme Lighthouse Tour

Sold Out


Or if horses take your fancy then At The Races tour might suit you better

horse Allihies

for all you horse loving people


or come on a workshop with me to learn better composition. I give these workshop on the beautifully wild Beara Peninsula in SW Ireland and also at lighthouses around the coast

See the Fastnet Sunken church on Inisheer

Southern Irish Extreme Lighthouse Tour

Come and see the famous Fastnet lighthouse, Hook Head the oldest working lighthouse, Skellig Michael where there is an ancient beehive monastic settlement, and meet the men who work to keep the lights burning. Come on the Southern Lighthouse Tour


Bull Rock Thread the Eye of the Needle boat trip is the difficult one, never easy to thread the eye of a needle. Rough swells often prevent this trip happening so you need to keep checking with me to find out when there is a trip.


The reward is passing through the Bull Rock tunnel, which, it is said, you pass into the Underworld

Loop Head

Spend a few days with me at a lighthouse, the most en~lightening place to do a workshop

The Baily

See The Baily up close and personal on the Northern Extreme Irish LighthouseTour also visit Rathlin Island and cruise through the Aran Islands stopping off at Inishmore

Hi, I'm John Eagle. I give tours round the Irish coast looking at lighthouses. I was the first person to make a complete set of postcards of Irish lighthouses and I have had 2 books about them published. I am passionate about taking people round the lights of Ireland. My tours also include visits to local historical sites and points of interest along the way

your enjoyment is my pleasure ..John Eagle

John Eagle

Would you like to join in the fun?

There has never been a better time to visit Ireland

Irish Lighthouse Tour Bus

The tour bus can take 9, but only 8 people can stay in the lighthouses we go to. Please book early to avoid disappointment

As seen in the Lighthouse Digest

Click to download pdf

Click to download the tour brochure pdf

Galley Head

We get up close and personal with many lighthouses and we actually spend a couple of nights at lighthouses. We get tours inside some of them, like Hook Head, Loop Head, and Cromwell Point. I have made lots of friends from America, Australia, Germany, Holland, Ireland and Great Britain

Southern Lighthouse Tour

We also get to see castles along the way, maritime museums, whiskey distilleries, tour the coastline and get off the beaten track. For instance I can show you roads on the Beara Peninsula in South West Ireland few outsiders ever see, back roads that go deep into hidden valleys. Many visitors to Ireland come to see the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher, the Giant's Causeway and kiss the Blarney Stone, and they think that's Ireland sorted. There is a lot more to Ireland than that


Above is an oil painting I did of my local village of Eyeries, set close to the Atlantic Ocean, each house painted a different colour to the next. The village has featured in numerous movies like 'The Purple Taxi' starring Fred Astaire and 'Falling for a Dancer' with Colin Farrell

Baurearagh Valley

If you would like to know more about my personalised tours please contact me or review the Beara Valleys Tour

Southern Ireland Extreme Lighthouse Tour 2014

June 21st to June 29th 2014

8 day tour of the lighthouses of Ireland's southern coast including Inisheer, Skellig Michael, Fastnet, Mizen, Hook, Bull Rock, Youghal, Ardnakinna and Roche's Point. We meet men who worked the lighthouses and we spend 2 nights at Galley Head lighthouse and see the famous puffins on Skellig Michael. There are 4 boat trips, and guided tours inside some of the lighthouses

Your guide is the author of

'Ireland's Lighthouses ~ A Photo Essay by John Eagle'

Stay at Galley Head

Galley Head

Start near Ennis in Co. Clare, goes along the south coast and finishes in Cork City

We spend 2 nights at Galley Head lighthouse (above)

We also get up close and personal with the Fastnet Rock lighthouse, Skellig Michael and go on a guided tour of the Hook lighthouse

Galley Head

Click here for tour details



Fabulous trip John! "Extreme Lighthousing" does not say enough.   You got us into places we would not have seen and best of all we got to meet several people associated with the lighthouses that we would not have met without you.  I will especially remember our talk with Mr. O'Driscoll , the last keeper of Fastnet, and his wife Maura.  Your boat trips are the only way to understand just how impressive the offshore lights - and the people who lived there - really are.  I was expecting to be impressed with Fastnet, and I was, but Calf Rock amazed me.  The island is so small, just covered with steps cut into the stone, and people lived through the tower being broken in half.   And then during our visit to Bull Rock, we got to take the boat through the tunnel.  I will be bragging on that feat for years.  The B & Bs you took us to were so nice.  I especially remember Josephine's place and walking just outside to see Eagle Island and Blackrock Mayo.  I had fun making breakfast in the keeper's kitchen at Blackhead Antrim, but it wasn't as good as Jospehine's.  My trip isn't over - there is so much more to learn about the places we saw.  I want to learn more about the monks on Skelligs Micheal and  I need to find the books Mr. O'Driscoll told me about.  I hope to see you again in a few years John.  Can't wait!

2011 Extreme Lighthouse Tour participant Laura Chewning from the USA


Bull Rock

Thread the Eye of the Needle

go through the Bull Rock Tunnel

€75 per person. The high speed boat trip lasts about three hours

If you are interested then please contact me

Watch the video of going through the arch

It is far from easy to do this boat trip which makes it more challenging, you need patience and a desire to go. I was forced to cancel 4 trips in 2012 due to bad weather. If you get to go through the needle then consider yourself one of the lucky ones. It is a lot of fun


Pictures below are from the Southern tour
Lighthouse Fastnet
At the Fastnet lighthouse August 20th 2011

At the Fastnet lighthouse August 20th 2011 l-r Bette Keeping, Gerry Douglas-Sherwood, Claus Peter Hempelmann, Keith Morton (Hon. Secretary of the ALK), Nancy Ohlson, Kirsten Hempelmann, Judy Weeks, Laura Chewning, Kim Fahlen and sheepdog Suzie. Please click here to watch a short video

Bull Rock
About to go through the Bull Rock tunnel which runs beneath the lighthouse. Spooky but fun!

The Fastnet lighthouse, we go round this in a boat

Click here to see pictures from the 2013 tour

Click here to see pictures from the 2012 tour


Please click here for 2014 tour details

John,   I need to thank you for all the work and planning that went into our trip.  I have dreamed of seeing Ireland for many years.  Our trip was unbelievable! Your choice of Tommy for our driver was inspired.  He was so helpful. Listening to the Irish accent was a treat everywhere we went. We saw so much in our time in Eire.  It is so hard to choose a favorite!  The new friends must be first.   Fastnet, Skelligs, The Hook, are each special in their own way, but staying at Blackhead must be on a list of its own.

Getting up to travel around The Fastnet at dawn is spectacular!  The early sun shinning off the tower and lens took my breath away. Watching the waves break against the rocks on such a peaceful day makes the power of storms that break over the tower almost unimaginable.

   Skelligs took my breath away in more than one way.  Your encouragement to keep climbing ( I made it to the beehives) and advice to help an amateur photographer made that event special.
   Seeing the lens flash out the bedroom window at Blackhead was wonderful.  The buildings are so well cared for.  Self catering with new friends is another highlight of the trip.
   Your land, the vistas and flowers and the people we met along the way added layer upon layer of memories to our collection. 
   Thank you again,    Nancy Ohlson 2011 tour

Would you like to see more pictures taken on the 2011 tour? Click here


Thanks so much. You did a brilliant job organising it all looking forward to the next one...

Judy Weeks (Association of Lighthouse Keepers)


Read what Kim Fahlen wrote in Lamp about this lighthouse tour, click here


© All photographs copyright John Eagle Photography

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