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Loop Head lighthouse
June 26th
Loop Head tower tour
Little Samphire Island
June 27th Tour of Little
Samphire Island
Cromwell Point
June 27th Tour of Cromwell Point
Skellig Michael
June 28th
Skellig Michael
Calf Rock
June 29th
Calf Rock ruin boat trip
Led at Roancarrig
June 29th see the new LED at Roancarrig
June 30th See the Fastnet lighthouse
Galley Head lantern tour
June 30th See lantern at Galley Head up close
Galley Head from your bedroom
June 30 July 1st Galley from your bedroom
Ballycotton lantern
July 2nd Tour of Ballycotton tower
 July 2nd Ballinacourty near Dungarvan
Hook Head lighthouse
July 3rd Tour Hook Head tower, oldest lighthouse
July 3rd see Youghal
Galley Head
On the Galley balcony
Hook Head
View from Mizen Bridge
View from Mizen bridge
Mizen Head
Little Samphire
Little Samphire flower
Skellig Michael Monoastic Settlement
Skellig Michael
Loop lantern
Loop Head lantern
Copper Point
Copper Point
Roche's Point
Roche's Point
Duncannon Fort
Duncannon Fort*
Hook Head 2012
Hook Head
Click here to view pictures taken on the Southern tour 2011
Click here to view pictures taken on the Southern Irish Extreme tour 2012
Click here for pictures taken on the 2013 Southern lighthouse tour

Read blog on the 2015 tour



Irish Lighthouse Tour of Southern Ireland 2019

 Irish lighthouse adventures start here

  4 places taken, only a few left

June 22nd to June 30th 2019 see bottom of the page

Now into its magnificent  10th year

See the majestic lighthouses of Ireland's southern coast, and see all the best views along the way. We show you where they made part of the Star Wars movie 'The Last Jedi', take you to a chocolate factory, a whiskey distillery, give you a tour of Beara peninsula and the best part of the Ring of Kerry. You will go inside the lantern room of three lighthouses, go up the towers and onto the balcony of 4 others

Due to small numbers allowed at the lighthouses please make your booking early. Those who book late may have to sleep in a nearby B&B. When several people wanting single rooms book on the tour the lighthouses get booked out faster. If you are single and are happy to share with someone please let me know

(If you would like to do an add on customised tour to suit your own dates then please contact me)

Fastnet lighthouse

This is to express our sincere gratitude for making our travels on your 2017 Southern Irish Lighthouse Tour absolutely spectacular!  Cherie & John Hancock, Members U.S. Lighthouse Society
Michigan, USA

Tour Ireland's lighthouses on the Southern Wild Atlantic Way coast over 8 days on bus and boat, meet the people who work the lighthouses, go inside lantern rooms, walk the balconies, learn how the lighthouses work

See Irish lighthouses Inisheer, Loop Head, Kilcredaune, Tarbert, Little Samphire Island, Cromwell Point, Skellig Michael, Bull Rock, Ardnakinna, Roancarrig, Galley Head, Mizen, Crookhaven, Fastnet, Copper Point, Old Head of Kinsale, Charles Fort, Roche's Point, Ballycotton, Youghal, Hook Head, Duncannon North, Dunmore East and Ballinacourty

Galley Head lantern

Galley Head lighthouse lantern, experience the magic

Birds you are likely to see during the tour: Puffin, Storm Petrel, Blackheaded Gull, Gannet, Kittiwake, Aortic Tern, Black Guillemot, Guillemot, Gulls, Fulmar, Herring Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull, and Greater Black-backed Gull

Spend two nights at Galley Head lighthouse, go inside several towers and receive expert knowledge on how the lighthouses work, and have worked since then they were constructed. It is a sad fact that in a few years from now this 1st hand knowledge will not be possible, and majestic revolving lanterns will be a thing of the past. Many of these fresnel lenses have been replaced by very ugly l.e.d. beams. Tory in Northern Donegal looks more like an aircraft coming in to land than a lighthouse beam

Please note some boat trips might not be possible due to storms. In the case of this happening other excursions will take place. For instance if the Bull Rock boat trip doesn't happen, (the rib has been out of actiion for most of 2018), we will go over to Dursey Island on the cable car and see the Bull rock from our bus there

You will stay at hand picked accommodation  Glendine House B&B, Strand End House B&B, Fortfield

Coulagh Bay House , Foromanes B&B and the Keeper's Cottage at Galley Head lighthouse

A very big thank you to you and Tommy again for the fantastic vacation you
gave us. Good luck with your northern tours and I hope everyone enjoys them
just as much as we did. We really can't express how much your time,
knowledge, and friendly personality's meant to us. My biggest hope for this
trip was to get a feel of Ireland and you both gave it to me and so much
more. You have a beautiful country and you both gave us a wonderful glimpse
into your countries past and present. Thank you again and know if you, Tommy
or his family come this way you are always welcome with us. Take care
....Carol Davis (USA) 2015 tour member

Southern tour brochgure Southern tour brochure Southern tour brochure
a free detailed booklet especially written for the tour, with pictures, technical information and things of interest on the lighthouses put together by WLS members
Meet me at Skellig Michael Little Skellig
Puffin at Skellig Michael Little Skellig one of the biggest gannet colonies

We will almost certainly see dolphins, (they are often to be seen at Doolin where we get the Aran Island boat) porpoises and seals, maybe basking sharks

Inisheer dolphin
Teampall Chaomháin. Church set below ground level on Inisheer Dusty the dolphin at Inisheer harbour

Follow the Wild Atlantic Way from Doolin to Galley Head then the Sunny South East coast to Hook Head, seeing the magnificent Southern Irish coastline in all her dramatic beauty, the cliffs, the bird life, flowers like Little Samphire which you can try eating

Fastnet Lighthouse

See the lighthouses of Ireland up close and personal. Meet the men who work the lights. Travel through 6 counties, Clare, Galway, Kerry, Waterford, Wexford and Cork. On the way we will see lots of wildlife, sea birds, old ruins, mountains and beautiful Irish scenery. Lots of boat trips away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and yes if you see something you want to take a picture of it is no problem to stop the bus

See the Ring of Kerry and Ring of Beara

8 day chaffeur driven and guided tour for 8 people

Only €1695 per person  (€1795  for single person due to room supplements)

Irish Lighthouse Tours Tommy

The Irish Lighthouse Tour bus at Loop Head

Tommy Hartnett, our bus driver
Ardgroom Stone Circle Skellig Michael
Ardgroom Stone Circle on the Beara Peninsula Skellig Michael where the beehive monastery is

Southern Lighthouse tour map

Fastnet Lighthouse
Get up close and personal with the Fastnet

I was there! terrific trip, packed so much in.....Richard Evans (Association of Lighthouse Keepers)

We start the tour on the evening of June 22nd at Fortfield B&B near Kilrush. We will pick you up in the Limerick and Shannon area and take you there. We regularly pick people up at Shannon Airport, Bunratty B&Bs, Ennis and Limerick train stations
'John, thank you for all your hard work and perseverance to make our trip a success. You have overcome the many obstacles put in your way by the weather to make our trip an outstanding success. We really appreciate all you have done. This has been a memorable trip' Phil and Mary Borkowski

Tour Itinerary

Boat trip to Inisheer

Day 1: June 23rd - We drive to Doolin and take the ferry across to Inisheer, the southernmost Aran Island. A pony and trap will take us on narrow lanes between high stone walls on our way to view a great lighthouse
Inisheer pony and trap Inisheer

The 2012 tour aboard the pony and trap at Inisheer

Watch video of pony trap ride

Inisheer lighthouse
Afternoon of 1st day we go to Loop Head
After lunch in Lahinch we follow the coast to Loop Head lighthouse for a guided tour

 Loop Head lighthouse which stands on some pretty amazing cliffs. Here we get a guided tour of the tower and get to walk on the balcony, looking back up the coast we just came down

What aerial video

We will stop at the Kilbaba Art and Craft Shop which sells lighthouse books, models and pictures

Loop Head
John Eagle and Tommy Hartnett John Eagle and Tommy Hartnett pictured beside the minibus at Galley Head. We now use the Mercedes bus
Kim Fahlen taking a picture of the lantern at Kilcredaune, with Judy Weeks looking on, during the 2011 tour. The lantern no longer functions, having been switched off by Irish Lights in March 2011 Kilcredaune
Kilcredaune The tower of Kilcredaune. The door to the balcony is very small, but if I can squeeze through it most people can!

Watch aerial video
We spend the first and second nights of the tour at Fortfield Farm B&B which as the name suggests is on a farm with lots of cows and horses in the fields. A truly lovely place where we stay each year and hopefully for many years to come. We can see
Tarbert lighthouse light from the front lawn
Kilrush to Valentia Island
Map showing our route south into the kingdom of Kerry, as go go south from Kilrush

Southern Irish lighthouse tour

Irish Lighthouse Tour bus
Carrigaholt near Kilcredaune lighthouse Irish lighthouse tour bus boarding the Shannon Ferry

Day 2: June 24th - We cross the River Shannon passing close to Tarbert lighthouse and then make our way through the Kerry countryside to Fenit near Tralee to take a boat trip out to Little Samphire Island see below

Little Samphire


Boat trip out to Little Samphire Island lighthouse for a guided tour inside the lighthouse

Click here to watch a video I shot

Little Samphire

The Little Samphire flower grows all over the lighthouse island, similar to asparagus, it's nice to add to meals

We recently had the opportunity to be a part of the John Eagle Extreme LH Tour. We are lighthouse enthusiasts that have seen well over 275 LH's around the world and have taken many trips to see them. This tour certainly ranks amongst the best we have ever done. Thank you John for a great tour. Many of the lights could only be seen from a boat, which was a fun part of the tour. The journey out to see the Fastnet LH was the best ever and I got some of the best LH pictures I have ever taken, look for them in Lighthouse Digest Magazine! Also, we loved the two night stay in the actual keepers quarters at Galley Head LH. Skellig Michael LH was fantastic, Tommy the tour driver was a riot, great B & B's, unbelievable Full Irish Breakfasts, nice pub stops, and on and on! We would certainly do it again.

Randy and Barb Hemstad, Minnesota, USA

After photographing Little Samphire Island we head to Valentia Island for our bed for the night. On the way some of you might be interested to view parts of the old railway line that ran from Farranfore to Cahirciveen. Picture shows the Glenbeigh viaduct. There are also tunnels to view Glenbeigh viaduct
Strand B&B

We visit Cromwell Point lighthouse on Valentia Island for a guided tour

We spend the night at the Strand End House near Cahirciveen or The Atlantic Villa on Valentia Island

We stayed there in 2012 and 2015. What a lovely welcome we received, so really looking forward to going back there

Irish Lighthouse tour bus Cromwell Point
Taking pictures of Cromwell Point lighthouse beside the tour bus Entering Cromwell Point lighthouse for tour
Watch aerial footage of Cromwell Point lighthouse
Trip to Skelligs then on to Beara
Map shows trip from Port Magee to the Skelligs, then south to Eyeries


Day 3: June 25th - We head out to the Skelligs from Port Magee. This is a day trip and we will see the lighthouse from below the cliffs and then go onto the rock to view the monastic settlement. We will also see the famous puffins



Viewing the lighthouse at Skellig Michael

Watch a video of Skellig Michael

Gannet colony Little Skellig
The gannet colony on Little Skellig Little Skellig arch

Upon returning from Skellig Michael we drive to the Beara Peninsula for the next two nights. We stay in Eyeries looking straight onto the Atlantic Ocean.

Picture left shows Glanmore Lake where there is a gorgeous restaurant called Josie's Lake House

You won 't be disappointed. I was one of 7 on the 2012 tour. Tommy & John packed in so many sights it was nothing short of amazing- they deserve a medal. Thanks guys. Richard Evans (Association of Lighthouse Keepers)
Trip to the Bull, Dursey and Beara
Map shows boat trip taking in Roancarrig, Bull, to Dursey then tour of Beara


We stay at Formanes House and Coulagh Bay B&Bs at Eyeries, both lovely places with welcoming hosts

Day 4: June 26th - We go out in a fast moving rib (see below) to visit the Bull Rock famous for its cave that lies beneath the lighthouse. If the sea is calm enough we will pass through and look up at the old dwellings


Watch a video going through the cave

Fast mover Up close and personal
The fast moving boat we use to go out to the Bull Rock and Ardnakinna Photographing Ardnakinna lighthouse from the rib
Calf, Bull and Cow
left to right: Bull Rock, Calf Rock, Cow and Heifer
If for reasons beyond my control we cannot do this boat trip we will take the cable car to Dursey and see the Bull and Calf from the island. Also we can take a boat trip along the north shore of Beara
Bull Rock The Bull Rock lies off Dursey Island and takes about an hour from Castletownbere. On the way we will pass close the Calf Rock where there used to be a lighthouse. It was destroyed in a storm in the 1880s. A temporary lighthouse was built on Dursey before the Bull Rock was established
Roncarrig Calf Rock
Visiting Roancarrig on the 2009 tour Calf Rock

Leaving the Calf we pass close to Ardnakinna on Bere Island then come up close on Roancarrig lighthouse in Bantry Bay which was a setting for part of the movie 'Ondine' starring Colin Farrell


Coming ashore in Adrigole we cross over the famous Healy Pass (the picture of Glanmore above was taken from it) and head down to a favourite pub of mine Teddy O'Sullivan's known as the Mussel Bar for its wonderful mussels.

Fresh mussels

There follows a tour down the coast to Allihies and supper there.

Journey from Beara to Galley and Fastnet
Map shows journey south from Beara to Galley Head, then next day to the Fastnet lighthouse
Day 5: June 27th - We go to Galley Head lighthouse for 2 nights. Whilst staying there we go to Schull for a boat trip to the Fastnet. (Please note, in the past two years this boat trip has taken place twice at dawn and once in the evening, due to weather conditions)

Watch an aerial video
Galley head
Galley Head lantern Galley Head
The lantern at Galley Head The stairwell at Galley Head
Watch a video of Galley Head lantern at night 
Galley head
Galley Head Keeper's Cottage, period furniture and books Gerald Butler, the author of the above book will be giving us a slide show when we stay at Galley Head

We go to look at the Fastnet, the one the yachts sail round every second year.

Watch a video
Fastnet lighthouse we circle 3 or 4 times to view this most famous lighthouse, the last sight of Ireland passengers on the way to America saw and hence that is why it is called 'The Teardrop'
Day 6: June 28th - We go to visit the new Mizen Bridge, opened August 2011 at a cost of 2.1 million euros. It replaced the hundred year old bridge which had become unsafe. While it looks much the same the new bridge is wider, wide enough to drive a quad bike across to deliver necessary supplies. Often we see seals way below under the bridge.. We also tour the fog station. Afterwards we will get a good view of Crookhaven lighthouse. Night is at Galley Head
Watch a video on the Mizen
Clonakilty model village One of the things available for us to do is visit the model village at Clonakilty, where a model of the Fastnet stands. This picture shows a model train going over the Ballydehob viaduct. The models are all based on scenes of West Cork
Day 7 June 29th We drive to see Roche's Point lighthouse which is at the mouth of the River Lee that flows through Cork. It is the welcoming light for many who sail into Cork harbour. Then we go to Ballycotton for a tour of the lighthouse
Trip from Galley Head to the Hook
Map shows our trip from GalleyHead to Hook Head, dotted line showing our return to Cork
Roche's Point Ballycotton 
Roche's Point at the entrance to Cork Harbour. As with Ballycotton we might leave this to the last day We get a boat trip to Ballycotton lighthouse, go up the tower and onto the balcony. Weather permitting
Jameson's Distillery

Optional visit to Jameson's Distillery in Midleton for all of you who would like to go for the guided tour. 2015 cost was €14 and the tour lasted 1 hour and ten minutes with several professional whiskey tasters at the end of it!!

Depending on how much time we have we might do this  on our way back from the Hook

We will spend the night of June 29th near the Hook Head lighthouse in Co. Wexford. I have a super B&B Glendine House arranged there. Either on the way there or on the way back we will call in to see Ballinacourty lighthouse pictured right with members of the 2015 tour


Day 8 - June 30th

We are going to the Hook Lighthouse for tour of the interior and walk around the outside. We will return via Dunmore East and Youghal, finishing in Cork. There is a cafe at the Hook and extensive gift shop. The Hook is the oldest working lighthouse in Ireland, and some say the World

Glandine House

Glendine House, where we spend our last night of the tour

Tour will end in Cork City around 3pm on June 30th

Hook Hook
Hook getting a wash! lighthouse tower staircase
Duncannon North Duncannon North
Duncannon North which we see on our way to the Hook, also on the way back
Dunmore East Youghal
Me and my Irish Lighthouse Tour bus at Dunmore East Youghal lighthouse
The 2015 Southern irish Lighthouse Tour group returning from the Fastnet lighthouse l-r Guy & Benedicte Van Spilbeeck, Maarit Kostamo, Carol and Alan Davis 2015 tour group returning from the Fastnet 
Southern Irish lighthouse tour

Members of the Southern Irish Lighthouse Tour 2014 visiting Youghal

l-r: John Eagle, Sean Martin, Tommy Hartnett bus driver, Shai Biskovitch, Colin Forest. Egon and Isolde Pfefferkorn, Mike Hannon and John T Kennedy

Members of the Southern Irish Lighthouse Tour 2013 visiting Youghal

l-r Tommy Hartnett the bus driver, Greg Steffenson from Arizona, John Eagle tour organiser, Bonda and Ted Garrison from Florida and Lisa Nardine from Arizona

Southern Irish Lighthouse tour
2012 group at Youghal Members of the 2012 Extreme Southern Irish Lighthouse Tour visiting Youghal l-r: Margareta Wendelius, Anna Lena Larsson, John Kelly, Barb and Randy Hemstad, Richard Evans, Janet Cribb, John Eagle and in the front our bus driver Tommy Hartnett

Irish Lighthouse Tour bus

Then we take you back to Cork, leaving you at the bus station or airport or where you would prefer

Tour price is €1,695 per person sharing

Tour price is €1,795 per person wanting a single room

What's included

Tour price includes all lighthouse entry fees, all accommodations (top quality B&Bs and 2 nights at Galley Head lighthouse), all breakfasts except two at Galley Head self catering, bus, ferries and all boat trip costs your guide, author and photographer John Eagle. (Galley Head is self catering where we make our own breakfasts for two days) Highlights of the tour will include boat trips, a lighthouse slide show and meeting people who have worked and continue to work for Irish Lights. Unlike other countries WiFi is for the most part free in Ireland, or comes free with your accommodation. You can also tap into my hotspot


What's not included

Meals other than breakfast are not included. I have considered including all meals, but realize that some people like to go off and do their own thing in the evenings. I also feel that set meals for people tend to be of lower quality. I will do my best to take you to places that offer the best value for the money

Please note there are no refreshments or toilets (washrooms) on Skellig Michael. The trip is about 4 hours 


I have my own Public Liability Insurance (with LeisureInsure) It covers me for showing people around lighthouses and out on location for workshops in Ireland. I suggest you bring some form of travel insurance with you

I have taken a course in cardiac arrest rescue and know how to assist someone in need of help

Special Notes

Cancellations and Refunds

A 75% refund will be given up to 3 months ahead of the start date of the tour, ie 25% will be kept to cover administration costs and fees incurred by banks and Pay Pal. If the start of the tour is June 1st then March 1st is the deadline for this 75% refund. After that date no refunds will be given

I make reservations, numerous phone calls and emails with my hotels and ferry operators. I need to know 3 months in advance what I am doing. In the final 3 months leading up to the start date of the tour I will keep all monies paid for the tour

I will do my level best to help you plan your trip, with staying in places beforehand and afterwards

Photographing lighthouses takes us to challenging locations, including cliffs and rough seas. For this reason I strongly suggest taking out travel insurance to cover unexpected medical needs during the tour, as accidents can happen. I will always advise you when conditions are dangerous, and when extra care is required. I have photographed all the lighthouses many times over and know the dangerous places to avoid. When on the water waterproofs are advisable, as well as non slip footwear. Cliffs might look tempting for dramatic shots, but a gust of wind could spell danger. You need to be alert at all times.  Boat trips are weather permitting. I will do my level best to get you out on the water but in some cases the seas might be too rough. I will never put you in any kind of danger, and will always judge a scene before allowing you into it for your and my own safety

Sometimes it is not possible to fit everything in on a tour. I do try to get to all locations mentioned but delays are sometimes unavoidable. Visits to certain locations might take place on a different day, like if there is a storm at sea we might need to try again another day. Several times it's been too rough to go to the Fastnet on the planned day, but I have always managed to find a day calm enough to go there. I might change a lighthouse for another just so things run better, for instance Ballincourty in place of Ballycotton. Ballycotton is lovely but it soaks up a lot of time. In place of Ballycotton we could see three other lighthouses instead

Or if you have a question to ask please contact me


I get charged a supplement for single rooms and have to add this on

Other methods of payment available, for instance bank transfers, please ask

2019  tour deposits now being taken, see below

€300 pp deposit for 2019 tour
Tour dates June 22nd to 30th
The Lighthouse Digest Calendar The United States Lighthouse Society
Association of Lighthouse Keepers World Lighthouse Society


All photographs © John Eagle Photography

except *Duncannon Fort by Greg Steffenson taken on the Southern Lighthouse Tour 2013




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